Confessions of a PubU First-Timer

December 2009
by Peg Silloway

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As a newbie in the publishing business, I’ve been learning at a fast and furious pace over the past couple of years. Early on, as an IBPA member and a member of MBPA (MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association), I read and heard about Publishing University and what a wonderful learning and networking experience this conference could be.

Right then, attending Publishing University went to the top of my “Things to Do When I Can Afford To” list. And there it stayed as I concentrated on completing the transition from employee to entrepreneur in what might be called my “retirement years.” For decades, I had worked as a CPA and consultant, most recently for an IT firm in the DC area as a project and program manager. I always knew I would get back to running my own business, having had a taste of independence as a consultant and a working artist in earlier years. I thought it would be as a writer until a friend asked me to help her publish a book. The process of pulling together all the pieces for that book led me to publishing, and I was hooked. So of course, I found Pub-U and the potential for learning in my new career immensely attractive.

Last winter I learned that the stars were aligning in my favor. First, Book Expo America would be in New York City in 2009…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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