Companion Products: Creating CDs, DVDs, and Software

June 2006
by Linda Carlson

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You’re a book publisher, and
you’re thinking about creating an audiobook, CD, DVD, or some other nonbook
product. This could be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made, several publishers


Why develop these alternate
formats? Obviously, to generate additional revenue, and to enhance your
customers’ experience— through music designed to accompany a book, for
instance, or electronic products that complement a how-to, business, or
educational title with templates, exercises, demonstrations, and tours that
would be tough to package in even the most elaborate printed piece.


In terms of additional revenue,
creating a book/CD package might be a no-brainer. As Jim Horan of the One Page Business Plan
recently pointed out, the potential margins are appetizing. His first book sold
for $19.95. A few years later, he added a CD, repackaged the duo as The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit,
and raised the price to $34.94. In case you’re not a financial type, that’s a
75 percent increase in retail price for what Horan says is an incremental cost
of less than $1.50. Even with a 50 percent trade discount, that CD adds five
times its cost to the package revenue.


The numbers are more daunting for
audiobooks, according to Erik Sellin, who started Classic CD Books in early
2005 by recording himself reading fiction that is in the public domain…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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