Choosing the Best Type of Printing for Your Book

April 2002
by Dorothy Kavka

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Over the many years I have been in the publishing business, the biggest changes I have seen have been in the production and printing of books. When I started out as a production editor and free-lance artist for a major English textbook publisher, there were no computer programs on which to write, design, or typeset books. The only presses available to print a book were offset or web, unless you wanted to use the almost archaic and expensive letterset press.

It was when I saw the potential of the computer in publishing, 15 years ago, that I decided to start my own publishing company. As the focus of my business has shifted from traditional publishing to self-publishing packaging, I have had to learn every aspect of printing in order to give my clients the most professional looking book for the best price.

What I have learned about printing any book can easily be summed up in six words: More than one option is available. Which one you choose should depend on how you intend to market your book and how much of a profit you want to make. It’s important to learn the pros and cons of each type of printing in order to make an informed decision about the method that’s best for you.

The Pros & Cons of Each Process

The most readily available options are Xerography, offset, and web.


Xerography (High End POD)


Books are printed as you need them.

No unsold books have to be wareh…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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