Choosing an Accounting Program: The Main Issues and Options

March 2007
by Marion Gropen

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Most publishers focus on books and on selling books



Choosing an Accounting Program:
The Main Issues and Options


by Marion Gropen


Accounting rarely shows up as
among publishers’ top priorities, and even when it does, the distaste most
publishing folks feel for the financial side of the business often leads them
to shortchange it. Unfortunately, ignoring the need for “bean-counting” can be
very expensive. Fortunately, if you get the right tools for the job, accounting
can be a strategic asset instead of an unpleasant chore.


What are the right tools? That
depends on your company, and on your personal taste. This article explains some
of the issues you should consider when choosing an accounting program or
programs, and then briefly reviews options.


Issues to Consider


When you are looking for an
accounting program, first determine what tasks you want the program to manage
and what reports you need it to produce for people outside your company.
Examine the data it allows you to collect in light of the questions you want
data to answer. Find out what customer service and tech support you can expect
from the software vendor. And—most importa…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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