Choose Your Best Web Site Setup

November 2005
by Lars Clausen

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This year, for the first
time, the global Internet user population will top 1 billion people. In today’s
world, publishers who are smart about setting up their Web sites can reap
marketing and promotion rewards for themselves and their authors while saving
hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

The three most important criteria
for evaluating Web site effectiveness involve features, affordability, and ease
of use. It pays to consider each of them in connection with the four basic
types of Web site options.


In the early days of Web sites,
skilled webmasters ruled the online world. Even today, most sites are designed
and maintained by webmasters. Costs for designing a site are rarely less than
$2,000 and can run to $20,000 or more. If you decide to have your site
custom-designed, be sure to investigate each webmaster’s track record for
providing timely updates.


A simple two- to five-page static
author Web site is a cheaper option. Typically, it features an author page, a
title page, and a contact information page. Static sites usually cost hundreds,
rather than thousands, of dollars but, as the name indicates, they aren’t
flexible enough to grow with an author’s career. Also, they don’t provide
functions such as email management, newsletter email

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