Changing Problems into Opportunities:
November 1997
by How One Publisher Grew Despite Heavy Returns

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Pig Out Publications, a publisher of regional barbecue cookbooks, took a fairly substantial hit in 1995 with returns from bookstores and wholesalers at 25-30%. In 1996, they tried to control the returns by limiting the titles sold to bookstores and wholesalers to only the best sell-through titles. Returns still came in at 25-30%.

Company Reassesses Business Strategy

To fight back, President Karen Adler decided to develop a new business strategy. Her goal now was to become the world’s largest and most knowledgeable publisher and wholesaler of barbecue and grill books. Wholesale accounts, as well as direct consumers, would be guided to the best books to select for their needs and/or their stores.

Once this goal was clear . . . things started to fall into place. How?1. First, all titles that did not deal directly with barbecue and grilling were discontinued.

2. Next, the book returns policy was changed to nonreturnable. Bookstores and wholesalers were notified and most ceased to do further business with Pig Out.

3. The number of titles offered to the consumer and the barbecue industry was tripled. Pig Out’s inventory list went from 50 titles in 1996 to over 150 titles in stock in 1997.

4. The company’s mailing list was carefully reviewed and fine-tuned to focus on prime targets in the barbecue industry (barbecue stores, hearth and home shops, pool and patio shops, barbecue catalogs, sauce shops, etc.).

5. The first company cataloIBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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