Change, Change, and More Change

February 2006
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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For hundreds of years the
book industry saw little change. It evolved slowly, from books handwritten by
monks to books produced on a printing press, which opened the doors to
information for more than just a wealthy few.


And then presses evolved, from
those that worked with metal type handset letter by letter to today’s equipment
that handles electronic PDFs.


Literally hundreds of years went
by between some steps in the industry’s evolution. Now change in our industry
today is occurring at warp speed, and the publishing process–from
interaction with our authors through distribution of our
products—sometimes seems like a dervish whirling out of control.


Just the other day, a publisher
asked, “When does a book go out of print in today’s world?” What with the
ability to produce one copy at a time whenever the demand occurs, a title can
stay in print forever. However, author/publisher contracts don’t seem to have
kept up with this new reality (PMA’s general counsel, Jonathan Kirsch, will be
covering this subject in an upcoming issue of the Independent). Like many, many other
contractual agreements, this one needs to be amended to stay current.


Remember when there were remainder
dealers that would buy your overstocks? I can recall attending many trade shows
where those dealers wo…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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