Celebrating Two Board Members’ Contributions

February 2005
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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Many people we meet during our careers begin as business associates and become good friends. Such was the case with two former PMA board members who passed away last year–Gene Booth and Ron Mazzola.

Gene served on one of the early PMA boards, and there was no job too big or too small for him to undertake. Whenever we needed someone for a project, Gene stepped in. He was the epitome of the PMA member at that time, a very small (one-book) publisher.

His background was in journalism, and he was always interested in the quality inside the book. After leaving the PMA board, he (like many other former board members) stayed actively involved in PMA projects and served as a judge for various categories of Benjamin Franklin Awards. His comments to the participants were always helpful, and the word that comes to mind most often when I remember Gene is encouragement. He and his wife, Dabney, adopted a child when Gene was first on the board, and his greatest desire was to see her grow into adulthood, which he was able to accomplish. I will always see his gentle smile and hear his great chuckle.

Without Ron Mazzola, there never would have been a Publishing University or a Benjamin Franklin Awards party. Years and years ago–when we were hoping our membership would reach 100–Ron called our office and said that his company, McNaughton & Gunn, would like to host a get-together for PMA to help us attract more publishers. So that year at the ABA (n…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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