Can Going Green Help Publishers, or Just Planet Earth?

November 2010
by Raz Godelnik

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Can Going Green Help Publishers, or Just Planet Earth?

by Raz Godelnik

Forecasting the future of books and the book industry seems to be becoming a national sport. All bets are open, but although no one really knows what the future holds for the industry, there’s no doubt that changes are happening fast and that publishers who don’t adjust to current trends will find themselves in a very unfavorable position.

One current broad trend is going green. You can see evidence of it almost everywhere and increasingly often. But is going green a good fit for book publishers? Can going green help the book industry meet its ever-growing challenges?

Obviously it would be better for Planet Earth if the industry’s carbon footprint (12.4 million metric tons, 2006 figures) were reduced, but publishers need evidence that going green also makes business sense.

I think that evidence exists.

Tying Green to Better Business Models

First, let’s clarify the definition of going green. To many publishers, it might mean only using more recycled and FSC-certified paper (see below for details on this tactic). But a better definition is improving the social and environmental consequences of publishers’ acti…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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