Business-based Tips for Start-ups: Part 1, Project Management

March 2009
by Maggie Calonico

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Business-based Tips for Start-ups: Part 1, Project Management

by Maggie Calonico

When I decided to start my own publishing company, I felt myself teetering on a sled at the top of a steep hill with rocks protruding from the snow. But I took some comfort from the fact that I have a professional management background and a graduate business degree. I was pretty sure that my project-management experience, my organizational skills, and my calm under fire would be assets to the business of publishing. So I put one foot in the snow and pushed off.

So far, this background has been an asset; and on the theory that what I’ve learned from my experience can help other start-ups too, I offer these pointers in three major areas:

Project management—managing many tasks at the same time without losing track either of them or your sanity (covered below)

Professional perspective—viewing the artistic work as a product that must be sold (watch for this one in the April issue)

Projecting revenues and expenses—using different scenarios to determine the potential profitability of a book project (coming in May)

Creating Project Plans

If you’ve ever written a piece on deadline, …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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