Bulletins from the E-book Arena

November 2009

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Bulletins from the E-book Arena

Since current e-book statistics barely begin to capture what’s going on, it’s good to have real-world numbers and assessments. See last month’s “What’s Happening with E-books” for reports from half a dozen IBPA members, and read on for reports from half a dozen more.

To share your own e-book experiences, please email me at judithappelbaum@aol.com.—Judith Appelbaum

Databases in the Equation

AMACOM has 610 print-on-paper titles and approximately 800 e-book titles. The e-books contribute only about 1 percent of annual revenue, but we also get revenue from content in electronic databases.

During the 10 years that we have been publishing e-books, sales to consumers were very low until the Kindle was introduced. Revenue from book content that is included in databases, particularly those being sold to the corporate market, has been stronger. Content directed to people working in IT has been stronger than our traditional business books. This market presumably includes a number of early adopters.

Our e-books are always versions of our p-books, because of workflow rather than formal strategy. E-books are now made availa…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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