Bullet Points: Give Your Book Some Beach Muscle

June 2009
by Susan Kendrick

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Bullet Points: Give Your Book Some Beach Muscle

by Susan Kendrick

Welcome back to the copywriting gym. Like “Copywriting Fitness: Testimonials” (March) and “Positioning Statements: Build Your Core Strength” (May), this article is designed to help you give your book the high-visibility, buy-me-now advantage. Bullet points are beach muscle for marketing your book.

Get Noticed Fast

Let’s face it, bullet points are for show. Their job is to stand out, get noticed, and attract the attention of people who might not read anything else in your marketing copy.

While your core positioning statement gives your book power for the long haul—power with readers, your industry, the media, and your partners—bullet points are meant to be a little more flashy. They should function as a teaser, offering just enough information to make someone want to get their hands on your book—now!

That’s why bullet points are among your best sales tools, whether in your back-cover copy, on your Web site, in media pitches, in catalog copy, or anywhere else you publicize and promote your book. They quickly assure your readers that what your book delivers is something …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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