Bulk Sales Bring More Revenue (and You Can Make Them Happen)

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May 2013
by Theodore P. Savas

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As the co-owner and managing director of Savas Beatie LLC, a small independent publisher of (primarily) military history titles, I get to be responsible for everything. We launched in early 2004 and have about 100 books in print, another 16 in active development, two dozen strong titles under contract, and a vibrant line of e-books in all formats. Many of our titles have garnered prestigious awards, earned slots with national book clubs, and been niche bestsellers. Sales have risen steadily year over year, though it is more challenging to maintain respectable growth in this no-growth environment.

Still, I refuse to participate in recessions—and I share that belief with my publishing friends and co-workers at every opportunity when the bleak economic landscape settles into our conversations. “Opportunities to sell books abound,” I insist. “It is simply a matter of creatively fitting a circle into a circle or a square into a square.”…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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