Fulcrum’s Focus on Balance Creates a Positive Path to Success

November 2006
by Linda Carlson

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The American West is critical
to the future of America. Bob Baron believed that in 1984, and it’s been
critical to the success of Fulcrum Publishing, the company he and a friend
founded back then in Golden, Colorado. Today, as Fulcrum begins planning for
its 25th anniversary, the company employs 30 people and, by year’s end, it will
have some 500 titles in print.


Named for the concept of a fulcrum
as a balance point and as the point at which motion begins, the company still
operates with balance. And living life to its fullest is part of Fulcrum’s
guiding philosophy as well.


“We also want to learn something
new each day,” says Sam Scinta, associate publisher, a goal reflected not only
in Fulcrum’s titles—new ones include Ancient Denvers: Scenes from the Past 300 Million
Years of the Colorado Front Range;Prehistoric Journey: A History of Life on Earth;
and 30 Days to Better
Health—but also in its managers’ approach to business.


“We have faced the same full
litany of ‘challenges’ as other independent publishers,” Scinta explains, “but
we tend to think of them as opportunities.”


The bottom line? “For us, two
maxims hold true: one, the fact that our industry has some unique
characteristics is no excuse for not being good business people; instead, we
must be more creati…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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