Building Blocks for a Powerful Marketing Plan

September 2009
by Eric Gelb

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Building Blocks for a Powerful Marketing Plan

by Eric Gelb

Every book needs a marketing plan, and by now most publishers know that, even if they’re just starting out. Sometimes we overlook the fact that the strength of a marketing plan depends on the strength of the materials you use to create it.

The Materials that Matter Most

Book content created with the market in mind. The content of each book should be crafted to hit its target market’s hot buttons. Include all the ingredients and benefits readers will want. For fiction, that’s a compelling storyline and great characters. For how-to, that’s the solution to the problem. Many marketers call this the “message-to-market match.”

You’re matching or providing the benefits your target customers are seeking. That leads to sales. When you design a book with its target market in mind, the book is likely to leapfrog many competing titles. When you don’t, missing items may lead buyers to select another title, and certain aspects of content may stimulate the media to criticize a book or lead booksellers to keep it out of desirable markets.

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