Building an Off-Line Web:

June 1996
by Gail E. Farrelly

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Cyberspace experts tell us that the secret to a frequently accessed home
page is the building of numerous links that entice searchers to visit your”home.” Using the same logic, authors can help with the marketing of their
books-even off-line-by making use of a variety of links. They can do this in
two ways: first, by looking to the organizations (including those in nearby
neighborhoods) of which they are members and analyzing potential support
systems; and second, by joining new organizations geared to the subject
matter of their books. Both of these steps figured prominently in publicity
plans for my first mystery book, Beaned in Boston: Murder at a Finance
(Chicago Spectrum Press), now in its second printing. Here are
some tips for authors wanting to build links:Respond to alumni surveys and/or contact alumni associations from ANY
school you went to and report on what you’re doing. If you work at, or have
ANY connection to, a college or university, see if this might be a source of
some publicity. Rutgers University, where I teach, has a variety of magazines
and newsletters. Interesting tidbits about faculty, staff, and students are
always welcome.Watch local cable TV shows and figure out how to get booked on them. I
was interviewed for a local cable television show (Face to Face with Lisa
Fantino) in Westchester County, New York. The show aired many times and
boosted book sales.Take out an ad in a publication of a local group-perhaps a newslette…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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