Bringing Books Back, Part 1: IBPA Members Report on Getting Rights to Previously Published Titles

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January 2014
by Linda Carlson

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Being able to get books ready for release without the expenses of editing, copy editing, and design—and sometimes without any investment in printing—is among the reasons that many authors and new publishers are reissuing out-of-print titles.

The number of quality titles being abandoned by larger publishers, the creative and continuing marketing that indie publishers can often develop, and the nostalgia factor are reasons that it’s worth considering how to acquire previously published material.

If you read the Independent regularly, you know that some IBPA members have created perennial bestsellers from titles that languished as “midlist” at bigger publishing companies. With the chaos in publishing today—given mergers, management changes and online retailing—new midlist titles are increasingly likely to be OOP within a few years and thus available for reissue by their authors or by relatively small presses. Specialized publishers passionate about their niches and indies marketing to the fascination with “retro” are also seeking titles that can be profitable when reissued because of authors’ reputations, digital printing, and e-publishing….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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