Born Digital vs. Born Again

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October 2011
by Joseph J. Esposito

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Born Digital vs. Born Again

by Joseph J. Esposito

While one would be hard-pressed to find any publisher who does not view digital media as a central strategic concern, we have reached a critical point in the evolution of publishing: henceforth, no one who starts a new publishing company is likely to be thinking of the world of print.

New publishing entities from here on are almost certainly going to be Born Digital. This is a big shift because print is, well, more than print; it’s also an entire ecosystem that has grown up around print.

That means no more looking back to see which legacy customers can be grabbed, no fidelity to old partners or ways of doing business.

Much gets lost in taking this tack, but no matter. There is more to be gained by pursuing a Born Digital strategy without distractions than there is in straddling the old and the new. That is, there’s more to be gained if you are running a startup; it’s a different story if you are responsible for an ongoing enterprise. Startups and established concerns have different strategic objectives and options. Confusing one with the other can lead a publisher down a wrong, even ruinous path.

This is not a matter of choice; it has nothing to do with one’s psychology o…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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