Books You Should Not Publish
(With Examples to Improve Your Acquisitions)

January 2003
by Curt Matthews

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Of course there are exceptions to the following list, but the odds will be strongly against success with any of them. I know because I’ve published or tried to distribute at least one book in each category, and in several cases, I’m sorry to say, more than one.


General Business Advice Books

Every business consultant has written a book. There’s even a company that will put anybody’s name on a book of canned business advice. Buy cheap and sell dear, be nice to your customers, be a tough negotiator, and so on. Every consultant wants to be the next Tom Peters, but it’s not the book that makes the star business guru. It’s the star guru who makes the book.

Business books that give very specific advice on specific kinds of businesses, or on specific business problems, do have a chance. For instance, how-to publishing books often do well and the 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising has been a strong seller in the PMA/IPG Trade Distribution Program. Independent publishers should only work niches within the business category, as in most other categories.


Novels by Authors with No Previous Writing Experience

Hemingway’s first wife left all of his early manuscripts–the only copies–on a train, and they were lost forever. In later years, he thanked her for sparing him a great deal of embarrassment. Very, very, very few good novels aiMjAroduced by no…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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