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June 2011

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Books That Sell Best

In this era of instant, atomized information, it can be especially important to focus on carefully contextualized words with staying power—the kind you find in books that attract readers year after year and sometimes decade after decade.

This series celebrates books from independent publishers that have sold thousands of copies, tens of thousands of copies, and more than a million copies over time, and that are still selling right now.

For the stories behind some of these books, see “A Better Kind of Bestseller?” (May); read on, and watch for the next installment in the July Independent.—Judith Appelbaum

What a Diet Book Does

Nourishing Traditions, which I co-authored with Mary G. Enig, has sold about 420,000 copies, and I’m now printing another 40,000. It came out originally in 1996; a second edition came out in 1999, and sales are now reliably 3,000–5,000 per month.

The book puts the work of nutrition pioneer Weston A. Price into a popular format, corrects pervasive misinformation about fats and oils, and explains why butter, saturated fat, and cholesterol are vital factors in one’s diet. Si…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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