Books that Keep Selling and Selling

September 2003
by PMA Member Roundtable

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Would you believe sales of 150,000 copies for a self-published cookbook? How about 205,000 for a ghost-story collection? Or nearly 300,000 for a guide to keeping your employees? PMA members responded by the dozens when we asked about evergreen books, sending reports of sales reaching upward into the millions as well as reports featuring numbers that are more modest–so far.

As the reports that follow show, many moves go into creating steady sellers. More examples of what works for backlist will appear in future issues of the Newsletter.

— Judith Appelbaum


Give Them the Best

Over the years, readers of our Best of the Best State Cookbook Series have asked us, “Which is the best of the Best of the Best?” Countless letters, calls, and e-mails from our customers mentioned the same favorite dishes, which were often our own favorites too. These recipes were clearly classics, a cut above all others, and timeless. We realized these recipes deserved some greater recognition, and what better way to reach our goal of Preserving America’s Food Heritage than to honor the creators of these recipes with their own Hall of Fame?
We published The Recipe Hall of Fame Cookbook in lay-flat paper binding in 1999 and in a ring-bound edition in 2003. It premiered on QVC–the electronic retail channel–and sold more than 30,000 copies in less than 22 minutes! Now in its eighth pri…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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