Books Build the Business

January 2003
by Richard D. Rahn

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I knew I was signing up for a lifestyle change when I left the somewhat comfortable but confining world of the Fortune 500 in 1994 to join a small and thriving management consulting company. Instead of driving to the office every day, I found myself driving to the Denver International Airport on Monday morning, usually not to return home until the following Friday. One of the consolations during the following eight years, in addition to an incredible learning experience, was the thought “There’s gotta be a book in here somewhere!”

My specialty, Flow (or Lean) Manufacturing, is a descendent of what used to be called Just-In-Time–a powerful philosophy and methodology for process improvement for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies. Flow manufacturing techniques, which originated in the U.S. and matured in Japan, are being introduced today in most companies around the world. There’s no shortage of consultants and published materials about this subject, and I paid attention to the strategies of the most successful consulting companies.

Without exception, every flow manufacturing leader had written at least one book, and usually several, on the subject. The training and consulting firms that I most respected had made writing and publishing one of their core competencies, and they had usually established publishing companies to support and complement their training and consulting practice. So when it came to launch FlowAlliance,…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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