Bookkeeping’s My Bête Noire

March 2007
by Barbara Tasch Ezratty

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Bookkeeping’s My Bête Noire


by Barbara Tasch Ezratty


I’m probably the only small
publisher in the country who charges her accountant for laughs. At least that’s
what I keep threatening to do. I say, “George, it’ll cost you a dollar every
time you laugh at me.” That makes him laugh again. All in all, I figure each of
our conversations should earn me a $5 or $10 credit on my accounting bills. If
you pro rate that over the course of a year . . . See, I’m even talking like an
accountant. Which is probably what makes George laugh. He knows me better.


I’ve been a publisher for more
than a dozen years. I don’t make much money, but I love books. I love their
covers and their spines. If their contents are good, I love to read them. And I
love the angst of bringing new ones into being.


I edit everything that comes under
my eyes. I enjoy interacting with photographers, graphic designers, and
printers. Fonts fascinate me. I doodle alphabets. And when I buy scratch-off
lottery tickets, I buy the crossword games.


But numbers? Now, that’s another
story. Math was my worst subject in school. I really didn’t like arithmetic.
Nor algebra. Geometry was okay because there are a lot of words and sentences
in geometry. But I …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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