Book Sense & The “Advance Access” Program

December 2000
by Carl Lennertz, Book Sense

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Monthly we e-mail independent booksellers with news of galleys, reading copies, or finished books that you are offering. Stores will read our “Advance Access” program news, decide if they want to carry any of our offerings in their store, and hopefully nominate books for the Book Sense 76. There’s no obligations or promises, but our program is one way to prime the pump and get the word out. We’ve been doing this for a while already, to great support and enthusiasm!! We hope you’ll want to get on the bandwagon. Stores will e-mail you directly, and generally, requests come in from 25-50 booksellers. However, 60 or 70 or 80 have been known to respond! It’s best not to offer a book for this program unless you have that many copies available! If you have a limited number-say 25 copies-you’ve got to let me know that up front. I understand each copy is a cost to you. I will let the stores know it’s first come/first served, but the more booksellers you can satiate, the better, of course. All book offers must come to me on e-mail, with title, author, publisher, subject category, number of copies you have to offer, and a two-sentence description max‚Ķ and an e-mail address to which the booksellers can write directly to request a copy.
IMPORTANT: Put this all in one paragraph, without actually typing in the words “title,””author,” etc., and place the e-mail address at the end of the description. This way, the entire document can be cut and pasted easily. I highly recommend…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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