Book Previews: A New Promotion Possibility

December 2006
by Sarah Bolme

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Innovative Book Marketing

Book Previews: A New Promotion

by Sarah Bolme


Imagine sitting in a move
theater waiting for the feature presentation. As the previews play, one catches
your attention and draws you in. You think, “I’ve got to see this movie,” only
to discover that it’s not a preview for a movie, but a preview for a book. If
you have not yet had this experience, expect it in the near future. Book
previews in digital format are the latest innovative book-marketing technique.


As technology advances, so must
the marketing tools we use to attract consumers’ interest. Book previews
utilize today’s technology to entice people into purchasing a book. These
creative minifilms allow consumers to view a series of pictures with narration
that creates a glimpse into a book. They remind the viewer that books are
movies of the mind.


Played in movie theaters prior to
the feature presentation, as advertisements on cable television, and on
Internet sites, book previews are catching on. Publishers are beginning to
embrace this new book-promotion technique. Even the large publishing houses are
utilizing book previews. HarperCollins has produced close to a
dozen of these trailers since February of this year.


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