Book Marketing Wizardry: Fundamentals of a Successful Marketing Plan

May 2000
by Bob Erdmann

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So often I am amused while chatting with a publisher who has
achieved remarkable success with a book, when he or she sort of
points his or her toe in the sand and says something like, “Oh
shucks, I was really lucky” just like a shy old cowboy or
cowgirl. In reality, however, a successful publisher is far more “sly” than “shy”!! Indeed, many achieve success
accidentally. But most publishers who achieve success do so with a “book marketing wizardry”that’s certainly
not accidental, but one that is earned by mastering the fundamentals
of a successful marketing plan.

Let’s review the elements needed in a successful marketing
plan. I’m going to put these elements into an outline form,
adding a few comments as I go along. I suggest that you also begin
the marketing plan for your next book by following this outline. Note that I will be happy to e-mail you any of the forms below
that are marked with an asterisk.
These forms are free to you,
so you can begin your own successful marketing plan. Contact me at and I’ll send
them promptly.

*Profit and Loss Analysis:

Prior to the entire process,
complete a comprehensive P&L on the book. Include all the
expenses you will incur and forecast your expected sales over the
first, second, and third year. Use several price points to determine
acceptable profitability. This is a time and place t…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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