Blogging and the Law

November 2005
by Reid Goldsborough

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One of the more curious of the Internet’s recent brainchildren is the blog. These public online Web logs, or diaries, have gotten a lot of attention lately for letting ordinary people air their views about personal, even private, matters to anyone interested.

There’s a fair amount of self-absorption in the blogging movement, despite the fact that many blogs include commentary about the outside worlds of politics and popular culture. And political organizations and commercial enterprises have lately made efforts
to co-opt blogging to promote their causes and profits.

Still, authentic blogs can provide a fascinating view inside other people’s minds, letting you see what they’re thinking. The same is true for business blogs, those created by companies as a new-media way of letting interested people in on company activities and plans.

Letting loose, however, is not without its risks, and these are not limited to inadvertently airing your dirty laundry. Sometimes speaking freely, and publicly, about other people or organizations can get you threatened with a lawsuit if you criticize them or reveal information they don’t want revealed, First Amendment or no First Amendment. Other times, it can get you fired from your job.

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