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March 2012
by Joel Friedlander

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Starting a blog is pretty easy. You just need to learn the basic elements (see “Blog Infrastructure,” February), set up an account with or or a hosting account of your own, and acquire a snazzy domain name with at least one of your keywords in it.

But wait. If you have a WordPress site straight out of the box, it probably doesn’t look very impressive. In fact, it looks exactly like thousands of other brand new WordPress blogs.

Of course most people don’t come to blogs to marvel at the lovely design. They come to read the content. But that doesn’t mean that you can ignore design and just publish all your posts in 10 point Arial.

The design of your blog is, in a sense, the packaging. It’s similar in a way to magazine design, which arranges lots of elements to make the reading experience more engaging for the reader and help the publisher get best results from investments of time and money.

Still, there’s a line that separates the design you really need to pay attention to from the design that involves endless tweaking, fine-tuning, experimenting, and playing with little bits and pieces when you’re setting up your blog. It’s a line many new bloggers have crossed, to thei…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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