Before You Buy Business Software . . .

July 2007
by Gregory Beck

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Before You Buy Business
Software . . .


by Gregory Beck


To ensure that the business
software you buy will automate your operation and propel you to the next level,
you need to evaluate it in terms of 10 critical issues.


New technology. Working with the
most up-to-date technology will give you the best chance to enhance your bottom
line. Many publishing systems offered for sale today were built back in the
Õ70s, before Windows and the Internet. Some have been refurbished, reshaped,
and modified to work with a mouse or look nice on the screen, but decades of
patchwork updates have crippled them.


Design. Anything but
publishing-specific software will eventually create problems and hinder your
growth. The software system you choose should be designed to manage royalty
contracts, distribute payments, generate proper invoices, create detailed
statements, and produce comprehensive histories to collect past-due amounts
from large customers.


Because large booksellers
sometimes pay current invoices with chargebacks from books they have not yet
returned, your system must be able to create these chargebacks and—when
the returns eventually come in—to match returns with chargebacks and
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