Back to Basics: Small Changes Add Up

September 2009
by Daniel R. Siburg and Howard W. Fisher

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Back to Basics: Small Changes Add Up

by Daniel R. Siburg and Howard W. Fisher

Every business owner or manager knows that economic conditions have changed the ways companies are managing operations and doing business with their customers. Businesses are controlling operational costs, while customers are spending less.

Although economic environments have changed, and will continue changing, owners and managers need to operate their businesses with an eye to the future. Many have returned to running their companies at a basic level. Managers are rethinking the operational aspects of their businesses that may have been overlooked and examining customer relationships that may have been taken for granted while the economy was booming.

Every Company Needs to Keep Selling and Marketing

The economy will turn around at some point in the future, so now is the time to stabilize and grow your company’s market share and customer base. Ensure that long-time customers are happy and that they know your company is stable and open for doing business. This is also a great time to find new customers, as current market conditions may have caused competitors to pay less attention to certain sales channels and markets.

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