Audio for Radio

November 2006
by Ellen Ratner and Kathie Scarrah

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Audio for Radio


by Ellen Ratner and Kathie


Since the advent of the
computer age, radio shows have had very little use for actuality
lines—those telephone set-ups that let media people access quotes or
other sound for newscasts or talk shows. Although some stations are still not
computer savvy, most are capable of using MP3 files, which are best for
sound-only clips. You can add these audio files to your Web page and email them
to broadcasters. Give them what they need in the way they can receive it.


Robert Stone, former Hill and
Knowlton executive, says a one-minute script can result in hundreds of
placements, given the fact that there are more than 10,000 radio stations
burning up music and words at the rate of 6,000 words an hour.


“Sometimes it’s easier to get on
local radio because there has been a decline in local news due to a media
consolidation of radio news,” says Maria Leavey of January Communications.
“Make your audio local, and you will have a better chance of having a station
use it.” She recommends making sure you know what the hot issue is in a
program’s city and/or state and developing your message to address that issue,
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