Apps: An Overview for the Undecided

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July 2011
by Linda Nix

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Apps: An Overview for the Undecided

by Linda Nix

Books as apps are receiving a lot of attention. But before you decide to produce an app, let alone several apps, you’ll need to understand two things:

• the differences between books produced as apps and books produced as digital files for apps

• the key considerations for deciding whether to go down the book-as-app path

Books for Apps

In “E-book Formats: The Basics” (January), I explained how e-books are digital files designed to be read by specific computer software, sometimes called “apps.” In this sense, one type of software, or app, is designed to read many, many files.

Examples include:

• the Kindle app, which reads e-book files in Kindle (Mobi) and some other formats

• the iBooks app, which reads e-book files in EPUB and PDF formats

• various PDF Reader apps, which read PDF files

• the Stanza app, which reads EPUB files

• Web browser apps such as Google e-books, which reads XHTML files

• and many more—you get the idea.

Such apps provide a kind of library interface for di…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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