Anti-Amazon: A Sampling of Critics’ Concerns

March 2005
by A PMA Roundtable

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Complementing last month’s roundup of mixed reviews about the way Amazon does business with smaller publishers, the reports featured below are generally negative, and the reports we’ll feature next month will be enthusiastically positive. Again, the sample includes comments from just a few of the many publishers who criticized Amazon’s practice of repeatedly ordering one or two copies, and its insistence–so far–on burying information about new editions while touting their outdated, and sometimes even out-of-print, predecessors.

–Judith Appelbaum

Left in the Lurch at the Launch

What were they thinking? I have no idea, because you can’t actually talk to anyone at

My first two books have sold steadily there for years. So you can imagine my dismay when I couldn’t get attention for my new book’s launch. The launch plan was to notify 6,000-plus subscribers to my weekly leadership tip about a bonus offer for the new book, and I was driving the purchasers to Amazon.. Don’t you think Amazon would be interested? I emailed again and again, but it did not order any books.

I went ahead with the launch anyway. Joy of Leadership went to #7 on the Business Top Seller List. Since Amazon hadn’t stocked the book, buyers had to wait three weeks to receive their purchases.

I’m grateful to Amazon for being there when the big boys weren’t. I just wis…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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