Announcing the IBPA Awards

July 2007
by Rudy Shur

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Finally, you have a bestseller



by Rudy Shur

Board of Directors


Announcing the IBPA Awards


Finally, you have a title
that has sold over 10,000 copies—your first bestseller. Your author knows
it, your printer knows it, your mother-in-law knows it, and you know it, but outside
this select group, few others know it. You can put a starburst on the cover
announcing the fact; you can take out ads promoting your stellar sales; or you
can try to tell everyone you meet that you have a bestseller; but when all is
said and done, only a handful of people will know.


It’s been that way in our industry
forever. Most bestsellers are simply not recognized. If we were in the record
business, things would be very different.


For decades, the record industry
has publicly celebrated its hit songs and albums with gold and platinum
records. These prestigious plaques are proudly hung in recording studios,
company offices, and songwriters’ and performers’ homes throughout the country.


Well, things in the book biz are
about to change. Now, PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, will be
providing the book industry with a new symbol of publishing s…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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