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May 1998
by Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director

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Jan Nathan, Executive Director

Years ago when these awards were started, the PMA Board wanted to honor those publishers who were producing excellent books. Whether or not the sales were fantastic was not going to be a factor. We wanted to honor excellence in the craft of publishing. We also had an ulterior motive. We wanted to allow publishers to receive input from those people who would be making decisions day in and day out about these books. So we asked a varied group of people if they would consider being a judge in the competition and making comments so that publishers could learn and improve the quality of the books they were producing. Judges receive the books in mid-to-late January and they have between then and late April to read, dig into, and comment upon each and every title in a specific category. We now have the luxury of having three judges in each category, all of whom judge independently from the other and then send their forms back to the PMA office for tabulation. After the winners are announced, the forms are returned to each and every participant in the awards competition so that the publishers can get immediate feedback on their books. Some publishers use these comments to better the quality of their next books. Some agree with the comments; some disagree. But it is the opinion of these critics, buyers, and/or reviewers that is being shared candidly. Since the beginning of the awards, we have disclosed the names of the judges for the Benjamin Frank…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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