An Industry Divided

November 1999
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director

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Sometimes you find yourself traveling halfway across the world to discuss events that are occurring in your backyard.

Such was the case this year when we met with many US publishers, distributors, and wholesalers at Frankfurt and
the buzz topic was the new Barnes & Noble “Distribution Efficient Receipt Program.”

For those who have not yet received this latest communique from B&N, here’s a brief recap:

A title that is substituted for an ordered title without prior approval or is shipped without a purchase order:

$200 per title fine.A product which is received by B&N later than the expected arrival date printed on the purchase order will experience a fine of $.05 per unit per day from the expected arrival date to receipt date.Product received by B&N earlier than the expected arrival date as agreed upon by vendor & B&N Merchandising (for Trade promotional product; bargain/gift product more than one month early) will experience a fine of $5 per pallet + 1% per cost of merchandise value for every month product is early.Ticketing required on books received without prices. Fine: $.10 per unit.Ticketing required on books received without ISBN barcodes. Fine: $.25 per unit.Incorrect or incomplete order information on cartons and/or pallets OR mixed titles within a carton without approval from B&N Merchandising for case pack quantity orders OR pallets that are not the specified size and/or not
stretch-wrapped OR incorrect or incomplete packing list information, not affixed to…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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