An Author’s 10 Commandments of Library Presentations

December 2000
by Gail Farrelly

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It’s fun and profitable to talk about your books at libraries. Librarians and library patrons are book lovers, so they make a fantastic audience. These programs can have a multiplier effect, but they require a lot of behind-the-scenes work to assure success. I was recently invited to make a presentation about mystery writing and my new paperback mystery, Duped by Derivatives, at the Tuckahoe Library in New York. Thanks to a lot of work on my part as well as on the part of a wonderful group of librarians, the program was well attended and well received. In the process of thinking about what made it so successful, I’ve come up with “The 10 Commandments of Library Presentations.” OK, they’re not set in stone, but listen up anyway. Thou shalt:Commandment #1. Arrange the date of the presentation at least two months in advance to provide enough time for planning, advertising, and promoting the event. The idea is to get your name and the titles of your books out there for as many people as possible to see.Commandment #2. Meet with the librarian beforehand to provide lots of information about your work and to discuss the various ways in which the clientele of the library will be best served at the event.Commandment #3. Plan for some local publicity in the weeks before the library presentation. I appeared on two local cable TV shows in the week preceding the library program and was able to talk about my planned appearance at the library. In addi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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