Amazon Experiences
A PMA Roundtable

August 2004
by Contributions from PMA members

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In her recent e-mail to members, Jan Nathan shared one publisher’s troubling report about Amazon and asked whether other publishers had had similar experiences.

Here’s what started the discussion:

Recently a member contacted us and told us that a pirated copy of his book is being sold on the site as a used book. His is a high-priced textbook ($200/retail), and he knows just about everyone that purchases his book, so when he saw a copy appear as “used” on the site, he purchased it himself. What was delivered to him was a book that contained his copyright page, but was smaller in size, printed on different paper stock, and definitely not a product that he manufactured. At this time, he is still trying to ascertain where this book is from.

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Tracing Some Sellers

Hundreds of the nation’s top book reviewers (including many at the largest magazines and newspapers) take the free review copies publishers send them and sell them for their own private profit to online booksellers and used-book stores. These retailers then sell the unread, new books as “New, unread” used books, thereby undercutting the retail price of the book through all normal sales outlets.

We at Corinthian Books know that this is the case because when we release new books and send out review copies (with media kits enclosed)…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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