Am I Glad I Published This Book?
The Mini-Success Story of Are You Sure You Want to Marry That Person?

July 2004
by Peter A. Venuto

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If someone had told me a few years ago that I was going to write a book and have a Korean publisher offer me a licensing agreement, I would have looked at that person with a suspicious eye and asked, “Whaddaya smoking?” As it turned out, I started writing in August 2002, self-published in December ā€™03, and received an offer from a Korean publisher in April ā€™04.

In 2001 I used to frequent this fantastic Italian restaurant in southern New Jersey, where I always had the same young waitress. We became friends and would engage in conversations about life in general. One day she mentioned that she just knew she would end up divorced if she got married. This bothered me a lot because she was a fantastic young lady with a lot to offer the right person. Since I was 60 years old, experienced, and divorced, I started jotting notes down for her about how she should prepare for marriage when Mr. Right came along.

At the end of August 2002, after I had made the decision to take all the notes I had jotted down and write a book, I felt a cold chill and trembled. My two English teachers from high school were turning over in their graves and screaming in unison, “What! Him write a book?!”

Many Mysterious Matters

I knew just enough about books to fall into the same pitfalls Iā€™m sure many of you fell into after you decided to write your first book. Outline? Perish the thought! How many pages? No idea. What topics was I going to…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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