All About Amazon

February 2005
by PMA Roundtable

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Nearly 200 PMA members reported on experiences with Amazon in response to a recent email invitation; perhaps surprisingly, about two thirds of the reports were wholly or partly positive. This sample, from the partly-positive bunch, shows some different perspectives on the same fact situations and highlights two Amazon practices that bother a great many PMA members.

As publisher after publisher pointed out, Amazon often places small orders one after another, raising shipping prices to the point where sales become unprofitable (see below for an antidote that worked for one firm). Worse, Amazon appears to have set up a system that eclipses new editions and highlights old ones, even when the old ones are out of date and/or unavailable.

Reports in upcoming issues will show what pleases publishers whose enthusiasm for Amazon is unbridled and what infuriates publishers who see their relationships with it as useless or counterproductive.

We’re going to make sure selected people at Amazon see the whole series of reports. Ideally, their reactions plus the pointers that PMA members are offering will make doing business with this giant online retailer easier and more profitable going forward.

–Judith Appelbaum


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