Ahead of the Curve with Communities

March 2010

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Ahead of the Curve with Communities

In certain publishing circles, “community” is now a favorite buzzword, and the talk is often about whether publishers will be able to gear up to serve the kinds of communities in which today’s readers congregate.

No, wait, you say. Independent publishers have been serving geographic, nongeographic, and online communities for years, in some cases for decades, and not only by providing books that are especially interesting to them.

And of course that’s true, as many articles in the Independent and many panels at Publishing University—among other things—have shown and will continue to show.

Can the huge houses that establishment circles are buzzing about manage to follow suit? Do they even want to do that? Should they want to? So far, the only clear answer is Maybe. But if they do decide they need to serve communities, they can find plenty of great examples to learn from, including the four that follow here.—Judith Appelbaum

In a Time-honored Tradition

Quilting is an amazing craft form that has always focused on community. Hundreds of years ago women sewed by hand in groups …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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