AdWords and Other Marketing Opportunities That Search Engines Offer

October 2008
by Linda Carlson

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AdWords and Other Marketing Opportunities That Search Engines Offer

by Linda Carlson

For most publishers, an online presence is a key component in the marketing program. Besides developing a Web site of your own, and getting it visible on search engine listings, there are many other opportunities for online promotion. And, believe it or not, some require only time and savvy.

This article looks at search engines and how we can use them to our advantage. In an upcoming issue, we’ll explore opportunities that exist with online retailers and on social-networking sites.


When many of us think of Google, we think first of AdWords, which lets you pay to have a “sponsored” link to your Web site appear whenever someone searches for one of the terms you’ve specified. Because Google charges for every click to a Web site, and because records of those clicks are not available to advertisers, the company has been accused of charging for more site visits than actually occurred. And because clicks don’t necessarily turn into immediate purchases, or into purchases at the sponsoring company’s Web site, it’s hard to determine the value of AdWords.

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