Advertising Your Books for Free

December 2000
by Brian Jud

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What if there were a way to make your title known to every potential buyer-for free? There is, and it’s called word-of-mouth advertising-people talking to people-the most inexpensive and productive way to spread the word about your new titles. Fortunately, there are ways you can stimulate word-of-mouth communication that will build your sales, reduce your costs, and increase your profits.People singing your praises removes the aura of commercialism and instills a sense of objectivity about their recommendations. However you lose control over what they are saying because, through exaggeration or misunderstanding, people may distort your intended message. Since word-of-mouth conversations can be either positive or negative, you must make sure people are talking about your titles constructively. You can do this by stimulating word-of-mouth advertising through the copy on your book’s cover, your publicity, and communications on the Internet.Stimulate word-of-mouth advertising with your cover copy. Use your cover copy to establish kinship with your readers. Jay Saffarzadeh did this when he changed the subtitle on his book Introduction to E-mail and the Internet from “For those of you who are inexperienced” to “For those of us….” By changing “you” to “us,” he affiliated himself with the reader.Testimonials on your rear cover can also work in your favor, and there are several groups of people who can start people talking better than others. One such…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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