Above and Beyond the Press Release:
Taking Book Publicity to New Heights

August 2004
by Beth Krusi

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As publisher of the small publishing program of a nonprofit organization–Appalachian Mountain Club Books–I understand the value of publicity in creating buzz for a new title. But with many priorities competing for my staff’s limited time and resources, I confess we don’t always have the time to go beyond the standard press release and advertising. This past year, however, I realized that effective–and unusual–opportunities for publicity sometimes come when you least expect them. I was given the chance to publicize a backlist title that is close to my heart, and taking full advantage of this opportunity required extra time and effort. In fact, when I say I climbed mountains to publicize this title, I am speaking quite literally.

AMC Books publishes outdoor recreation guidebooks for the Northeast, as well as a few nonfiction titles, including mountaineering histories and adventure narratives. When Rebecca Brown submitted her proposal for Women on High: Pioneers of Mountaineering, I was excited and energized by the stories of early women mountaineers who boldly defied social convention to climb the world’s highest peaks. I signed it, and Women on High developed into a riveting portrait of women whose courage, tenacity, and independence of spirit are inspirational even today. The hardcover was released in November of 2001 and enjoyed favorable reviews, plus recognition by the National Outdoor Book Awards and Banff Mountain…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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