A Quick Tour of New Ingram Options
Part 1: For Publishers Established as Ingram Vendors

May 2003
by Audrey Seitz

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Partly in response to dissatisfaction with the PIF (Product Information Fee) charges that have been part of doing business with Ingram, we recently developed a new wholesale coop program that has three different options. The program, which is for publishers who have been Ingram Book Company vendors for at least one year, primarily requires that a publisher establish a budget for Ingram advertising and leaves the publisher free to apportion the advertising dollars on any mix of Ingram trade book promotion or advertising vehicles, at significantly discounted small press rates.


Option A

The first option eliminates all title management fees for any publisher who commits to annual Ingram trade advertising spending equal to at least 1% of Ingram’s prior year net purchases, but not less than $500.

For instance, a publisher who had $75,000 in net purchases from Ingram in its last calendar or fiscal year would commit to an advertising budget of $750 and would not pay any fees for title management of their backlist or new titles throughout the year. And a publisher whose 2002 net purchase figure was below $50,000 would have to commit to the $500 floor.

Publishers choosing this option will automatically participate in Ingram’s title visibility programs via:

Title annotations in Ingram Advance®, Paperback Advance, Children’s Advance, and Christian Advance for qualifying titles, provided that Ingram make…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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