A Publishing House Spawned in Prison

June 2008
by Vickie Stringer

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A Publishing House Spawned in Prison

by Vickie Stringer

As founder and CEO of Triple Crown Publications, “the world’s largest independent African American publisher,” I’ve come a long way from the prison where I served time for drug trafficking. In the hope that others can make use of what I learned as I built my publishing company, I’m sharing my story here.

From a Journal, in a Jail

It was behind bars that I wrote Let That Be the Reason, a semi-autobiographical cautionary tale based on my personal journal. Hoping that I would be able to use this novel to change my life for the better, I set out to get it published after I was released January 22, 2001. Unfortunately, I got rejection after rejection from major publishing houses and agencies.

The next step was looking to family and friends to help make the dream a reality. I wrote a letter explaining my situation, and waited for the help of my loved ones. When I had received the $2,500 I needed to put the book in print, I encountered yet another problem: no marketing and distribution resources. So in November of 2001 I went back to the streets, but this time instead of selling drugs, I began pushing my book.

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