A Prescription for Success: Demos Serves Medical Professionals and Patients

July 2006
by Linda Carlson

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Demos Medical Publishing is
coming of age—and it’s turning 21 with yet another change in its focus. Today
the Manhattan-based publisher and its staff of 10 are returning to the
company’s original emphasis.


Founded in 1985 when Diana M.
Schneider left another medical publisher, Raven Press, Demos started out with
professional medical titles and a few books on patient education. As people with
chronic diseases and long-term disorders created demand for patient-education
materials, that segment of the business grew larger than expected.


“It became so profitable and
interesting that our focus changed,” explained Schneider, now senior consulting
editor and a member of the board of directors.


By 2004, Demos had nearly 100
titles in print—and a purchase offer from Mannheim Holdings LLC, a subsidiary
of the Mannheim Trust and formerly part of the top international pharmaceutical
company in Germany, which had begun acquiring medical-publishing firms. Now,
with the funding available through Mannheim, Demos is making two changes in its
product line: it’s returning to its original focus on titles for medical
professionals, and it’s expanding by adding books on spine medicine and
oncology to its neurology and rehabilitation medicine titles.


The books for professionals—titles
such as Handb…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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