A No-Returns Success Story

March 2007
by Doug Shidell

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A No-Returns Success Story


by Doug Shidell


“Doug, when you stopped selling Bicycle Vacation Guide
to your distributor, you cut off Barnes & Noble.” The voice on the line had
an urgency that I didn’t quite understand. It was the voice of a wholesaler,
the same wholesaler who had lectured me months earlier about the foolishness of
expecting a no-returns business model.


I had made the decision to stop
selling Bicycle
Vacation Guide to the book industry in the spring of 2006, set
the last day of sales for August 31, and went through all the stages of
stopping sales, worrying about such a brash move but affirming that I had done
the right thing.


In short, I had moved on. Bicycle Vacation Guide
would no longer sell in the book trade. The decision had not been hasty or ill
informed. I looked at the bottom line and realized that I would earn more money
if I didn’t sell Bicycle
Vacation Guide to the book trade. The man behind the voice had
known about the decision for a long time. Why the tone of doom?


“I looked through my records for
2006,” he continued. “B&N returned only one book all year.”


Interesting, I thought, but I knew how many this wholesaler had
returned, and i…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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