A New Copywriting Formula: The 4 C’s

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August 2013
by Bob Bly

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I confess: I love copywriting formulas!

Why? For two reasons.

First, the best formulas are simple, easy to remember, and rapidly mastered. Knowing them can enable you to create copy that’s twice as effective—in half the time.

Second, the reason that they became formulas in the first place is that—they work!

Old-timers like me know there are literally dozens of time-tested copywriting formulas.

Yet most of today’s newbie copywriters have heard of only a handful . . . and have truly mastered even fewer.

Why is that bad? Because if you . . . or your copywriters . . . don’t know all the copywriting formulas, you could unnecessarily be wasting your time reinventing the wheel with each promotion you write. You could also be writing inferior copy that diminishes your sales….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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