A Day in the Life of a Self-Published Children’s Book Author

March 2001
by Ursula Krawczyk

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I recently wrote and self-published a charming children’s picture book titled Jasper’s Neighborhood. Through this article, I am offering a short “prep course” for other writers considering self-publishing. Here is a sampling of my efforts as a publisher.


I take a day off from my “regular,” rent-paying job to do some marketing of my book. I thought I’d start the day enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. I plug in the coffeemaker. My phone rings.


A New York distributor wants to order books. I refer him to a local distributor who has been contracted to fill orders. If the NY distributor had actually read the letter attached to my promotional packet, he would have known the right number to call.


I pour myself some coffee, but skip reading the paper. Maybe I’ll read it with lunch. I call a local book review editor who I had sent a promo packet to the previous week. She’s “overwhelmed” with books. “I’ll call you back next week,” she tells me. “You can count on it.”


I call the local distributor to follow up on the New York distributor’s order. He can’t locate it. The local distributor is confused by the information in his computer. “I’ll e-mail you later this afternoon,” he says.


I follow up with another book review editor. I’m told that he’s on some type of leave of absence. I wonder if perhaps the editor has taken my book and is currently making a $$$$$$ killing in some foreign market….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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